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A comprehensive suite of Tax and Regulatory services

We offer a comprehensive suite of Tax Advisory, Compliance, Litigation and Regulatory (FEMA) services, to help you in navigating through complex business matters with our pragmatic solutions, as under:

  • Tax Advisory

  • Tax Litigation

  • Tax Compliance

  • Form 15CA/15CB

Form 15CA/15CB

Digitalisation of Form 15CA and Form 15CB

We have created a Digital Platform to simplify and expedite the process of obtaining Form 15CB. The Digital Platform centralises the process of requesting Form 15CB and provides a server-based mechanism for storage of the Form 15CB, Form 15CA and related documents (i.e. invoices, TRC, No PE declaration, documents submitted at banks for processing of payment)

Key functions and benefits:

  • The Digital Platform is a web-based platform which can be accessed by the users from any laptop device to place a request/ view/ download the documents
  • The Digital Platform also provides for search criterion enabling users to search for Form 15CB/ Form 15CA
  • Reduction in the overall lead time for obtaining the Form 15CB, upon implementation of digital platform
  • The Digital Platform would act as a ‘single source’ to access all documents pertaining to foreign remittances. This would help in easy and time-efficient retrieval of the documents, as and when required
  • ‘Anywhere and anytime access’ of the Digital Platform is possible regardless of the device/ place of access
  • Ease of tracking request
  • One click download feature

Tax Litigation

Tax Litigation Services

Tax representation and litigation in India requires a comprehensive approach involving people with adequate understanding of tax laws and insightful handling of contentious issues. Our services in this area include:

  • Assistance with matters pending before the tax/ appellate authoritiesi.e. Commissioner of Income-tax (Appeals), Dispute Resolution Panel and ITAT
  • Representation before the tax/ appellate authorities during the course of audit or investigation
  • Assistance in briefings and support to the external counsel in respect of representation before ITAT/ High Courts/Supreme Court
  • Advisory on litigation strategy and its implementation
  • Diagnostic review of litigation history and assistance in litigation risk analysis
  • Assistance in evaluating sustainability of tax positions and assistance in remedial actions

Tax Compliance

Tax Compliance Services

  • Assistance in obtaining/ updating PAN/ TAN
  • Assistance in determining the withholding tax liability (TDS) / Advance Tax liability / Self-Assessment Tax liability
  • Assistance in depositing the taxes with the account of the Government
  • Assistance in preparation and filing of with holding tax returns (TDS Returns) and issuance of TDS certificates
  • Preparing, providing and digitalising Form 15CB for foreign remittances (refer separate tab below)
  • Preparation and filing of tax returns in India for companies and individuals (including domestic and international)
  • Filing rectification applications, application for Order Giving Effect, refund application, following up for refund, etc.
  • Filing application for obtaining NIL/ Lower Withholding Tax Certificate with the tax authorities
  • Filing of Statement of financial transaction and certification of reports such as Form 3CEB, 29B, etc.

Tax Advisory

Tax Advisory Services:

Domestic Tax:

  • Undertaking diagnostic reviews to identify uncertain tax positions and ensure risk mitigation
  • Advising on tax minimisation and optimisation strategies, availability of tax deductions, etc. and other tax planning ideas
  • Undertaking tax health-check for withholding tax (TDS)
  • Undertaking review of applicability of income computation and disclosure standards (‘ICDS’) and related disclosures
  • Undertaking review of Ind-AS applicability and related action points
  • Undertaking review of applicability of place of effective management (‘POEM’) to a foreign company
  • Advising on applicability of General Anti Avoidance Rule (‘GAAR’) and identification of uncertain tax positions

International Tax:

Our objective is to help businesses achieve global tax efficiency by minimising tax incidence and reducing tax and compliance costs in multiple jurisdictions. Our international tax services include:

  • Outbound investment advisory
  • Outbound tax due diligence
  • Advising on tax implications basis the applicable International tax treaties entered into by India
  • Advising on tax implications, that may arise on account of base erosion and profit shifting (‘BEPS’) rules and the multi-lateral instrument (‘MLI’) entered in to by India
  • Evaluating applicability of BEPS and GAAR for international tax structures
  • Advising on applicability of Equalisation Levy and applicability of tax on other forms of digital payments such as cloud computing, etc.
  • Advising on specific provisions applicable to non-residents such as shipping companies, etc.
  • Any day to day need-based advisory sought by the client

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